Various Artists
Trummerflora (Volume 1)

catalog #: ALP004

Trummerflora is a compilation featuring four San Diego-based experimental groups. Z.O.Voider creates soundscapes on industrial percussion and sound generators - more fully explored on his Travelogue CD. Wormhole is a percussion-based improvisational ensemble who have since released two CDs of organic trance grooves. Ultra 7 showcases their diversity with a sci-fi prog rock number, a funk groove and an acoustic improv while Dodecaphonic play a blend of jazz, funk, reggae, fusion and spoken word.

Eric Glick Rieman - keyboards
Scott Homan - guitar
Matthew Kerr - bass
Perry Purtee - drums
Cry of the Eagle - voice

Ultra 7:
Marcos Fernandes - drums, percussion, tapes
Mike Keneally - guitar, piano
Robert Montoya - drums, percussion
Marcelo Radulovich - bass, guitar, synth, samples, percussion
Ute Apfelstedt - voice, violin, flute
Robbie Helm - sax

Marcos Fernandes - percussion
Mark Hunton - percussion
Robert Montoya - percussion
>Marcelo Radulovich - bass

Z.O.Voider - percussion
Ferenc Imre - percussion, winds