Greetings from Accretions!

sroM's one is our newest release! We also recently released Nazo Zakkak's a pause by any other name and Santiago Latorre's Ecliptica. Available now from Accretions and all your favorite online stores.

Order Frontier Life, the new DVD release, from our online store and receive a free copy of the film's soundtrack. Also pick up our 25th anniversary compilation CD for a special low price of $5.00! We've got more new releases and special offers in the works for 2012 so please visit often and enjoy our continuing sonic explorations.

Latest Releases

sroM: one
CAT. #: CDALP-056
In the debut album "one," sroM manipulates an arsenal of vintage analog synthesizers to create hypnotic textures within an altered sonic reality.

Nazo Zakkak: a pause by any other name
CAT. #: CDALP-055
A wholly unique album both in the fields of piano music and ambient music, a pause attempts to expand the definition of what we consider to be beautiful piano music.

Santiago Latorre: Eclíptica
CAT. #: CDALP-054
Santiago Latorre uses voice, saxophone and electronics to break you free of gravity, make you float and take you on a trip around the Cosmos.

Eric Glick Rieman: In My Mind, Her Image Was Reversed
CAT. #: CDALP-053
The sole instrument on this recording is Eric Glick Rieman's modified, prepared, and extended Rhodes electric piano.

Slumgum: Quardboard Flavored Fiber
CAT. #: CDALP-052
On each track, their original music is delivered with exhilarating spontaneity, whether cradled as a delicate object, cast off with reckless abandon, or ignited in ecstatic frenzy.

Hans Fjellestad: Frontier Life DVD
CAT. #: AVD001
If necessity is the mother of invention, then Tijuana is where she gave birth and raised her kid! FRONTIER LIFE digs into this strangely inventive city for stories of car worship, street racing, water flow, emergency architecture and a vibrant electronic music scene.

Buy the DVD from our online store now and get a FREE copy of the Frontier Life soundtrack!

Jason Robinson: Cerberus Reigning
CAT. #: CDALP-051
The second in a trilogy of Jason Robinson's conceptual solo saxophone releases, Cerberus Reigning offers a richly evocative collection of electroacoustic pieces that tell a story about an other-worldly three-belled saxophone of sorts.

Various Artists: 25
CAT. #: CDALP-050
Celebrating 25 Years of Sonic Explorations.

Available now for only $5.00 from our online store!

Axis Trio: Anthem
CAT. #: CDALP-049
Broken beats, blips and a seemingly endless flora of digital timbres lay within the core of Axis's deep interplay as a trio of improvisers.

Dawn of Midi: First
CAT. #: CDALP-048
Explosive, nostalgic, lyrical and at times simply beyond categorization, Dawn of Midi's debut album celebrates acoustic music illuminated by the collision of vigor and spontaneous action.

Dawn of Midi makes Top 3 in's "Best Piano Albums of the Year"

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