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Artist - CD Title Price Quantity
Marcos and The Wild Machinations: The Wild Machinations II$15.00
Shizka Ueda - a small sun$15.00
Roger Aplon and Marcos Fernandes - Of What I've Seen$15.00
Marcos and The Wild Machinations$20.00
Jason Robinson and Eric Hofbauer - Two Hours Early, Ten Minutes Late: Duo Music of Ken Aldcroft$10.00
Noriko Kodama - Abyss$10.00
Guitar is Dead - Guitar is Dead$10.00
Black Acid Arkestra - Sketches (Pro CD-R)$10.00
The Argonauts - Proxima b$10.00
The Argonauts - Here Come The Argonauts!$10.00
Chihiro Butterfly - After 3.11$10.00
Ryan Choi - Three Dancers$10.00
Melt - Pure Melt$10.00
Hans Fjellestad - Sounding the Space DVD$15.00
sroM - one (limited edition vinyl LP)$15.00
Nazo Zakkak - a pause by any other name$10.00
Santiago Latorre - Eclíptica$10.00
Eric Glick Rieman - In My Mind, Her Image Was Reversed$10.00
Slumgum - Quardboard Flavored Fiber$10.00
Hans Fjellestad - Frontier Life DVD (+ free soundtrack CD)$15.00
Jason Robinson - Cerberus Reigning$10.00
Various Artists - 25$5.00
Axis Trio - Anthem$10.00
Santiago Latorre - Órbita$10.00
Marcos Fernandes, Bill Horist - Jerks and Creeps$10.00
Nathan Hubbard - Blind Orchid$10.00
Donkey - Stone$10.00
Less Pain Forever - I Know What It's Like To Want To Dance$10.00
Hans Fjellestad - Snails R Sexy$10.00
Marcos Fernandes, Mike Pride - a mountain is a mammal$10.00
Trummerflora - Rubble 2$10.00
Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Haco, Jakob Riis - Haco Hans Jakob Marcos$10.00
Santo Subito - Xavier$10.00
Hans Fjellestad - Kobe Live House$10.00
Oetz/​Wagner/​Stuart - Permanent Flow$10.00
Robert Montoya - robert m$10.00
Damon Holzborn - Adams & Bancroft$10.00
Trummerflora - Rubble 1$10.00
Bill Horist - Lyric/Suite$10.00
The Phonographers Union - Live on Sonarchy Radio$10.00
Hans Fjellestad - 33$10.00
Dalaba Frith Glick Rieman Kihlstedt - Dalaba​Frith​Glick​Rieman​Kihlstedt$10.00
Frontier Life - Banda Sonora$10.00
Marcelo Radulovich - Hello$10.00
Donkey - Big Sur$10.00
Marcos Fernandes - Hybrid Vigor$10.00
Joscha Oetz - Vieles Ist Eins$10.00
Scott Fields Ensemble - this that$10.00
Marcelo Radulovich - (the case of the missing) THUMB$10.00
Trummerflora Collective - No Stars Please (Double CD)$10.00
Eric Glick Rieman - ten to the googolplex$10.00
Hans Fjellestad - Red Sauce Baby$10.00
Donkey - Show$10.00
Marcelo Radulovich/Marcos Fernandes - The Whisper Chipper$10.00
Marcelo Radulovich - 2 Brains (Double CD)$10.00
Various Artists - ...and the reindeer you rode in on$5.00
5/5/2000 - Fin$10.00
Upsilon Acrux - In the Acrux of the Upsilon King$10.00
Wormhole Effect - The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer$10.00
Various Artists - Trummerflora 2$10.00
Barefoot Hockey Goalie - Fedik's Butcher Shop$10.00
Wormhole Effect - Wormhole Effect$10.00
Burning Bridges - Feast of Fools$10.00
Go Van Gogh - Go Van Gogh$10.00
Marcelo Radulovich - To Lilliput and Back Volume 1$10.00
Z.O. Voider - Travelogue$10.00
Barefoot Hockey Goalie - Darius: A Rock Opera$10.00
Various Artists - Trummerflora$10.00
Marcelo Radulovich - Marcelo Radulovich$10.00
Burning Bridges - From Bennys Tiki Room and Ammo Dump$10.00
Burning Bridges - Burning Bridges$10.00
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