Z.O. Voider

catalog #: ALP006

Z. O. VOIDER-311, SECTOR N, SOL 3, is a traveler and with him a crew of audio manupulators. "TRAVELOGUE" is a record of their journey in sound form. The music has an unconventional approach. It is a different way of dealing with and creating music . . . to tap the natural free creativity of the individuals involved and do it as a collective effort.

Each individual musician must be aware of all of this and themselves as to where they are (here and now) and contribute or not, to any given moment, to any various degree. All that comes into play when the music comes together into a now , and not before, composed work. The music becomes fresh and alive where magic can bereleased out of such conditions.

This renders many possibilities of what form the music will be or instrumentation used for any Z. O. VOIDER project or performance. There are many facets to the Z. O. VOIDER sound machine and this CD project is only one of many.

For information regarding performances, tapes, videos, sample tapes for specific projects, and literature, please call (619) 282-7721.