Ryan Choi
Three Dancers

catalog #: ALP060

Ryan Choi - baritone ukulele, percussion, electronics

Recorded and produced by Ryan Choi. Music by Ryan Choi.
Edited, mixed and mastered by Frank Lockwood (LockwoodARS.com).
Cover illustration ("Aquarian") and album design by Ryan Choi.

Three Dancers is the debut release from composer Ryan Choi. The album derives its title from Pablo Picasso's painting, Les Trois Danseuses, and features three intensely kinetic and intricate compositions that draw as much from literature and visual art as they do from musical tradition. These recordings, featuring the baritone ukulele, percussion and electronics, were made by the composer after a years-long hiatus from music, though the concepts he explores in them were developed over the last fifteen years. The pieces, often beginning as fragments, gradually evolve into cohesive, tonally centered (though not tonally based) wholes.