Black Acid Arkestra

catalog #: ALP065

Jake Cleveland - guitars
Alex Arnold - trumpet, synths, fx
Rileaux Marx - alto saxophone
Eric Arnold - rhodes keyboards
Quinn Sternberg - electric bass
Charles Roldan - drumset/percussion

All songs composed by Jake Cleveland/Alex Arnold except "Eric's Groove" composed by Eric Arnold.
Recorded and mixed at Timeghost Studios by Alex Arnold.
Mastered by Aaron Marshall.

Textures such as effected trumpet, blistering sax solos, virtuosic bass lines, prog-rock guitar licks, classic rhodes keys and digital sampling all come together to create the other-worldly sound of Black Acid Arkestra's debut album Sketches, which showcases a concise presentation of the weirder sides of jazz, simultaneously an homage to the past and a step into the future.

The idea for Black Acid Arkestra formed in the winter of 2016 when Alex Arnold and Jake Cleveland decided to create a fusion project encompassing the darker sides of jazz harmony and the more exciting sides of progressive rock. After a few shows and practice sessions, the tunes that became Sketches were written and recorded at Timeghost Studios, a cabin on the outskirts of the southern Indiana town of Bloomington.