Quardboard Flavored Fiber

catalog #: ALP052

Composed, arranged and produced by Slumgum.

Slumgum, a perpetually inventive quartet from Los Angeles, has released a new album abounding with imagination. "Quardboard Flavored Fiber," the band's second release, features colorful compositions that reveal Slumgum's wide-ranging influences, including jazz, world music, and modern classical music. However, Slumgum's unique voice stems from years of collective music making, resulting in a language all their own. With their new album, Slumgum is a capricious storyteller, giving life to volatile moods against a vibrant sonic backdrop. On each track, their original music is delivered with exhilarating spontaneity, whether cradled as a delicate object, cast off with reckless abandon, or ignited in ecstatic frenzy. Their long-standing friendship allows these four musicians to collaborate with a facility and playfulness that is rare for an ensemble. Their trust allows Slumgum to take risks for the love of adventure and to explore the mysteries of sound. The result is a vital music that projects their sheer joy in playing together; for the listener, a joy that is contagious.