Pure Melt

catalog #: ALP057

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Keiji Matsui at Echo & Cloud.
Photos by Jun Ishikura and Fuyuki Nikkawa.
Design by Marcos Fernandes.

Melt: Takashi Ueno - acoustic & electric guitars; Jyoji Sawada - 4 & 8 string bass, contrabass, piano; Marcos Fernandes - drums, synth, phonography

Pure Melt is the long-awaited debut release from Melt, the trio of guitarist Takashi Ueno, bassist Jyoji Sawada and drummer Marcos Fernandes. The three create a distinctive sound often fueled by driving rhythms and rich harmonies informed by rock, techno, improvisation and world musics. Melt spent just two days recording material for Pure Melt with engineer Kenji Matsui at Echo & Cloud in Tokyo. The session captures the spontaneous compositional style of the trio's improvised live performances.