Permanent Flow

catalog #: ALP037

All Compositions by Oetz/Wagner/Stuart.
Recorded live at Dizzy's, San Diego, California.
Mastering by Ansgar Ballhorn.
Produced by Andreas Wagner.
Executive producer: Villa Aurora.

Joscha Oetz - Contrabass
Andreas Wagner - Tenor Saxophone
Greg Stuart - Percussion

Sounds and interactions captured on this recording demonstrate the unique qualities of this innovative collaboration: Dream-like teamplay in the construction of complex sonic geometry, abstract and grounded, paradoxically grooving and permanently flowing.

Permanent Flow was founded in 1995 by bassist Joscha Oetz as an ensemble dedicated to improvised music. Based in Cologne, Germany at the time, Oetz conceptualized the group as a playing field for experimentation and a space to encounter musicians from various geographical and artistic origins. In 1997, saxophonist Andreas Wagner joined the project and soon became an important musical partner for Oetz. In 2002, Wagner and his fellow composer-colleague Hans W. Koch spent three months as artists in residence at the Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades, California. Thus, Oetz decided to organize a Southern California tour with an edition of Permanent Flow featuring Wagner, Koch and Greg Stuart. The energy and inspiration of this formation continued to manifest itself in trio format without Koch when Wagner returned to the Villa in the fall of 2003. The present CD is the recording of a complete set the trio performed at a double concert also featuring Oetz's other West Coast project Perfektomat on October 14th '03 at Dizzy's, San Diego.