Santiago Latorre

catalog #: ALP047

Arranged and produced by Santiago Latorre.
Recorded and mixed at Grabaciones Silvestres (Barcelona) between January and August 2006. Preludio recorded at PUK !(Zaragoza) by Cristian Barros. Artwork by Emilia Latorre.
Design by Po Yen Chang

Órbita is about turning and evolving, always the same journey but constantly changing, getting older, slowly dying. As a planet that goes around the sun, each track comes back to the same place a number of times. But everytime, something has happened, a year has passed.

In 2005 Santiago Latorre started working on his personal projects, searching for cyclical structures, surrounding melodies and subtle textures. He used layers of sax, accordion, piano, voice and synthesised sounds to progressively construct and deconstruct the tracks. This work is now compiled in Órbita, his debut album.