catalog #: ALP056

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by sroM.
Mastered by Steven Langdon, Langdon Productions.
Album design by Marcelo Radulovich. Photography by Felix Bachmeier.

sroM, an acronym for the "spontaneous rupture of membranes" (the medical term for breaking water during birth), is a project dedicated to exploring the intuitive process of creating sonic textures through improvisation with electronic instruments. In the debut album "one," sroM manipulates an arsenal of vintage analog synthesizers to create hypnotic textures within an altered sonic reality. Freedom and expression is found within restraint, as a world within a single waveform evolves and unfolds. Each track explores the sonic potential of a single note, recorded on a single track, in one improvised take. All musical content is created by the reprogramming of the analog instrument on the fly, and only very limited signal processing is added after the initial recorded take. The goal result for the listener is immersion within an evocative sound environment and an altered perception of the passage of time.

Available on a limited edition run of 300 12" LPs on 180-gram virgin vinyl (with download code for bonus tracks) and from iTunes and other online stores.