Marcos and The Wild Machinations album cover

Marcos and The Wild Machinations
Marcos and The Wild Machinations

catalog #: ALP074

Marcos Fernandes - vocals, guitar
Yoshiharu Hiramoto - bass
Sono Kaneko - vocals
Saiya Kawabe - drums
Mitsuru Kotaki - keyboards
Keikin Shu - guitar

Recorded between December 2020 and February 2021 at Gumbo Studio by Shinji Kawase. Additional recordings at West Valley House by Marcos Fernandes.
Mixed and mastered by Shinji Kawase.
Produced by Marcos Fernandes.
All songs written by Marcos Fernandes except Come Back by Marcos Fernandes and Elizabeth Levett-Fortier. Arranged by The Wild Machinations.
Album artwork and design by Kio Griffith.

Marcos and The Wild Machinations’ self-titled debut delivers six songs stretching across the spectrum of rock stylings past and present, penned by frontman Marcos Fernandes, heretofore better known as a percussionist/improviser. With able-bodied instrumental support of guitarist Keikin Shu, keyboardist Mitsuru Kotaki, bassist Yoshiharu Hiramoto and drummer Saiya Kawabe plus the female vocal foil of Sono Kaneko, the tunes’ rich arrangements offer everything from rootsy Americana and radical reggae to sweeping space rock and raucous rave-ups. The players’ experimental inclinations spice up the more traditional song forms, abetting the narrative with welcome sonic surprises. The recording also well captures the band’s on stage spark and playfulness again informed by their improvisational leanings. And ample hooks promise to keep you coming back to it.