Marcos Fernandes, Bill Horist
Jerks and Creeps

catalog #: ALP046

Marcos Fernandes - phonography, electronics
Bill Horist - guitar, electronics
Haco - electronics, voice
Masafumi Ezaki - trumpet
Bunsho Nishikawa - electronics
Tim Olive - electric bass

Jerks and Creeps, recorded during Marcos Fernandes and Bill Horist's 2005 Japan Tour, captures the energy of their live performances and reveals the evolution of a musical language developed over the years through their collaborative improvisations. Horist's extended guitar wizardry and Fernandes' processed field recordings combine and collide with each other and with the playful inventiveness of Haco's voice and electronics (at Big Apple in Kobe), or the minimalist eruptions of Masafumi Ezaki, Bunsho Nishikawa and Tim Olive (at Bridge, Osaka). The music mutates - sometimes slowly and at other times in spurts - constantly transforming itself like some primordial sonic soup.