Eric Glick Rieman
In My Mind, Her Image Was Reversed

catalog #: ALP053

Composed, Performed, and Produced by Eric Glick Rieman
Engineered by Jeff Karsin
Recorded at Taos Hum Studio, Taos, New Mexico, in March 2010

The sole instrument on this recording is Eric Glick Rieman's modified, prepared, and extended Rhodes electric piano. Originally a Rhodes 73 Stage Piano with one output, it was reconfigured to output eight interdependent sound sources, which he mixes live.

Eric Glick Riemanprepared the original sound generating apparatus of the Rhodes with various rubber and metal washers, springs, Japanese maple seeds, a wooden top, and pieces of carefully selected quartz gathered from the Sangre de Cristo mountains of New Mexico, in which these pieces were recorded.

He muted his Rhodes using his hands, cloth, and paper. He played it using rocks, marbles, a wire brush, perhaps other specific things he has forgotten, and the keyboard. This Rhodes' sound making capabilities are extended with a number of amplified zinc rods, which he bows.