Santiago Latorre

catalog #: ALP054

Produced by Joan Anton Mas and Santiago Latorre
Mixed at Grabaciones Silvestres
All tracks composed and performed by Santiago Latorre (sax, voice, programming, accordion, piano and tuba) except:
Si el sol no calienta Lyrics: Salas Sánchez. Music: Santiago Latorre
半個月亮 (Ban ge yue liang) Lyrics: Jiang Yun. Music: Xian Hua.

Santiago Latorre uses voice, saxophone and electronics to break you free of gravity, make you float and take you on a trip around the Cosmos.

Eclíptica, his latest work, springs from Latorre's fascination with outer space. It recreates sensations of weightlessness, timelessness, serenity and phenomena such as the forces of attraction, - taking the listener on a journey of cyclical movements through the expanding universe.

Sometimes this interstellar journey travels back home again into the viewer’s room exploring ones perception of the sky from their own vantage point.

From the universal to the personal, from the infinite to the concrete, Eclíptica was produced during Latorre’s trip to Taiwan in search of a new world or to rediscover his own. Rain, language, trains, family and daily habits all make their way into the music.

There is an almost unprecedented sincerity in this wonder of slow music where each track finds a method to go beyond “ambient” using clear techniques, minute detail, minimal melodies and clockwork precision. In the end, the song seems to be an organism that has been waiting indefinitely for the right time to emerge.