Dalaba Frith Glick Rieman Kihlstedt

catalog #: ALP030

Lesli Dalaba - trumpet
Fred Frith - guitar
Eric Glick Rieman - prepared and extended rhodes electric piano
Carla Kihlstedt - violin, electric violin, Stroh violin

Eric Glick Rieman first proposed this project to Fred Frith who he had worked with while at Mills College. They wanted a third collaborator and Frith suggested Lesli Dalaba. The three of them had performed with John Zorn at Derek Bailey's Incus Festival at Tonic in NYC. Meanwhile, Glick Rieman had been impressed by Carla Kihlstedt and suggested her. They decided to ask both. Though the four improvisers knew one another, this recording represents their first meeting as a quartet. Their interaction reveals a high level of focus and playfulness and the resulting pieces display both a visceral and analytic intensity.