Jason Robinson
Cerberus Reigning

catalog #: ALP051

The second in a trilogy of conceptual solo saxophone releases, Cerberus Reigning captures Jason Robinson's exciting contributions to realtime electroacoustic music. Using software-based platforms to process the acoustic sound of his tenor and soprano saxophones and alto flute, Robinson offers a richly evocative collection of pieces that tell a story about an other-worldly three-belled saxophone of sorts. Crafted around a "live" aesthetic--there are no edits or overdubs--Cerberus Reigning is the electronic-oriented follow-up to Cerberus Rising (Circumvention), the all-acoustic 2009 recording that began the "Cerberus" trilogy. In the liner notes to this new release, Robinson explains that he's "interested in rethinking certain stories in order to create new myth-science narratives." At times reminiscent of the electronic forays of Sun Ra or the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, the music of Cerberus Reigning is a feast for the imagination, a wild ride through a mythological landscape filled with exotic sounds and intense virtuosity. Cerberus Reigning promises to be an aural feast for adventurous listeners.