Marcos Fernandes, Mike Pride
a mountain is a mammal

catalog #: ALP042

Marcos Fernandes - percussion, phonography
Mike Pride - drums, percussion, glockenspiel, electronics, voice

Produced by Marcos Fernandes and Mike Pride.
Recorded at Funhole Studios, Brooklyn, NY on November 5, 2005.

a mountain is a mammal is about human beings. Science and technology surely had a hand in its evolution but in the end, it's about people. Two people, in fact, and happenstance. Marcos Fernandes (California) and Mike Pride (New York) are two drummers. They met one rainy night in Tokyo while on their respective tours in the Spring of 2005. Collaborations ensued and the two recorded duets one sunny afternoon in New York City. The results showed that there was chemistry. And the proof is in this pressing - a collection of dialogues between two people who passed in the night and met again, days upon days later.