Damon Holzborn
Character Weekend

catalog #: ARW001, ARW002, ARW003

Damon Holzborn - electronics

Character Weekend is a set of three short suites of improvised, electronic, solo pieces. Taking inspiration from the 19th character piece — a short work, most often for solo piano, based on a particular mood or subject — each suite explores an instrument or set of instruments. The instruments were chosen/designed to be as simple as possible while still maintaining a rich pallet of expressive possibilities. Character Weekend 1 features the Monotron triplets, Monotron, Monotron Delay, and Monotron Duo, three small bundles of analog joy that are much more fun and expressive than their diminutive stature would suggest. Character Weekend 2 was created using a custom two-operator FM synthesizer inspired by examples of successful minimal instruments like the Monotron family and built in the RTcmix realtime software language. Character Weekend 3 uses the iOS app Korg iPolysix, controlled by an interface custom designed in the MIDI control app Lemur.