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Wormhole Effect
"Wormhole Effect"

CAT. #: ALP010

Marcos Fernandes - percussion, voice, tapes
Mark Hunton - percussion, voice
Dan Jacobson - percussion, voice
Robert Montoya - percussion
Marcelo Radulovich - bass, percussion, tapes, samples, keyboards, voice
Don Story - guitar, percussion, voice

Wormhole Effect is the self-titled debut CD from this percussion-based experimental group. The 14 song disc offers a mixture of improvised and composed pieces that range in style from ambient to rock to trance to jazz.

Track Listing and Audio Clips

Magic Dive
Para Todos
Mushi Bushi
Columbia Narcotica
Do or Die
Good Lung Down
Sky Between Thick Branches
Get Off My Lawn
Digitized Eyes
Through Narrow Streets
Infinity Wheel

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" interstellar anthem..."
- Option

" original and organic style of ambient trance music."
- Dirty Linen

"...replete with unanticipated snaps, crackles, pops, and other assorted electronically and organically produced noises."
- David M. Meyers, The Davis Enterprise

"...the talent in this band is simply a feels like being in a jungle with Aliens."
- Amanda Kay-Hopper, Revolt In Style

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