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Hans Fjellestad
"Snails R Sexy"

CAT. #: ALP041

All music by Hans Fjellestad
Mixed & Mastered at Zu Casa Labs
Art & Design by Andrew West
Photography by Tania Nyberg
Executive Producer: Marcos Fernandes

SNAILS R SEXY is a dark, lush world of sound coming out of the contemporary Los Angeles noise scene, with nods to early 1970's Krautrock experiments, Sun Ra-inspired solo synth bursts, Japanoise sonic assaults and Heavy Metal flourishes. Musician/filmmaker Hans Fjellestad follows his critically acclaimed live album Kobe Live House with this visceral, densely layered studio project produced with analog synthesizers, theremin and vacuum tube processors.

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"Fjellestad is a master of analogue synthesis. 'Snails R Sexy' manages somehow to merge the famously warm and tactile nature of the Moog with more current-sounding elements of sonic abstraction and edgy noise. There's some of the manic energy of Keiji Haino's recent electronic work here, but at times it gives way to moments of surprising spontaneous delicacy that recall the synth improvisations of Thomas Lehn."
- Keith Moliné, The Wire

"An album that will please lovers of analog sounds, but also noise terrorism."
- Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

"A successful album showing the extremities of noise in a sombre, cinematic environment."
- Tom Sekowski, Gaz-Eta

"This shit will literally take your easy chair for a roller-coaster ride."
- Greg Burk,

"You know that moment when you're on an airplane taxiing out of an airport and it pauses at the beginning of the runway for just a few seconds before taking off, when all the turning and rolling noises stop and all that's left is the corporeal, mechanical, strangely periodic humming of the jet engines? This album is that precise moment blown up and musicified on a magnificently large scale."
- Cujo, KFJC-FM

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