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Hans Fjellestad
"Red Sauce Baby"

CAT. #: ALP019

The Wire calls Red Sauce Baby a "spicy concoction... refusing to behave itself, it screams, throws things and makes a mess." Featuring piano improvisations, vocalizations, percussion, woodwinds, church organ, bagpipes, basketball, electronics and sounds from Southern California, Tijuana, Chicago and Copenhagen, XLR8R calls it "an exercise in unbridled sonic freedom... raw, almost shamanic energy that embodies the true essence of unrestricted music."

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"Hans Fjellestad is a mad scientist of sound who has long busted out of society's fences around creativity. Red Sauce Baby creates a freakshow of musical instrumentation that hints at music's future."
- Troy Johnson, SLAMM (San Diego)

"It's his best work to date... he's trying to break the sound barrier."
- George Lewis, The Reader (San Diego)

"Red Sauce Baby is an exercise in unbridled sonic freedom... raw, almost shamanic energy that embodies the true essence of unrestricted music."
-Paul Sullivan, XLR8R (San Francisco)

"Fjellestad reminds one of Ives or Partch as they too respected the sacred or mystical origins of music. This is very exciting music indeed... demonstrating the versatility and orginality of Fjellestad as an improvisational artist."
- Curtis Glatter, San Diego New Music

"Layers of horns rise and fall, sounding like dying insects; babbling pianos converse between each other and scatter to collect what is left of their mind, like failed prodigies that have become nothing but drunks. In short, this album is the soundtrack to nihilism versus the beauty of nature."
- Roman Sokal, Exclaim! (Canada)

"Engrossing and enchanting by turns. An album which should stand the test of time and work its way into some different sets of ears."
- Jeremy Keens, Ampersand Etcetera (Australia)

"An absolute delight!"
- Cris Baldwin, Acid Attack Music (UK)

"Hans Fjellestad's Red Sauce Baby leads the triumphant chaos chorus in line and helps us shutter off the societal ideas of what music is and should always be. MTV and most radio won't touch this with a 10-foot pole, but hell who would want them to? It would just spoil the fun in saying that you've heard the oddest thing in the world and you love it."
- J-Sin, Smother E-zine

"Hans' music makes Miles Davis look like a military band leader. Flowing across filmic docu-songs and filtering piano and voice through traffic noise and bagpipes, this is not for the faint-hearted..."
- Worldpop (UK)

"Strong in both composition and content, a genuinely intriguing balance of collective improvisations, guided compositons and sound art. A soundtrack for your ears."
- Gary Lopez, New Creative Music (Los Angeles)

"This is a very mixed bag indeed, which is all for the better, making for an exciting hour of listening, with not a boring minute inserted anywhere! Great stuff!"
- Ingvar Loco Nordin, Sonoloco (Sweden)

"Anything but run of the mill... Red Sauce Baby is an intriguing work of art."
- Lisa McGee, Future Music (UK)

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