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Robert Montoya
"robert m"

CAT. #: ALP036

On his eponymous solo debut, robert m offers a mix of IDM, Dark Ambient and Tribal-industrial beats to create at times sinister and often nebulous soundscapes. Samples ranging from conventional instruments to field recordings are processed and woven into ever-shifting pieces that pulsate with a psychotropic, dream-like quality.

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"It can be considered one of the highlights of thisyear. Trance-inducing layers of warm electronics, mysterious voices...mesmerizing dark ambient with loads of interesting sounds interwoven form the main core of the music. This excellent debut album combines the driving force behind the dance scene with the shimmering sides of flowing industrial."
- Paul Bijlsma, Phosphor Magazine

"Utterly consuming and captivating."
- Kristofer Upjohn,

"Featuring a blend of tribal beats, shadowy samples and ethereal melodies, Montoya creates an enjoyably eerie listening experience."
- Mike Adair, Exclaim! Canada

"A well crafted album indeed, that flies and lands very smoothly."
- Jeremy Keens, Ampersand, Etc.

"...Robert M constructs shimmering tones, rhythms, voices and subtle burblings to a chittering swirl..."
- Jeremy Keens, Ampersand Etcetera

"Robert M processes sounds from television, along with minimal loops that jitter into open air behind a cool spacious distance."
- George Parsons, Dream Magazine

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