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The Trummerflora Collective
"No Stars Please"

CAT. #: ALP-022

Produced by Marcelo Radulovich.

Recorded live at The Casbah, San Diego; KPBS' "The Lounge," San Diego; The luggage Store, San Francisco; The Artisan's Hand, Carmel Valley, California.

Marcos Fernandes - percussion, electronics; Hans Fjellestad - keyboards/electronics/accordion; Damon Holzborn - guitars/electronics; Nathan Hubbard - percussion/electronics; Robert Montoya - sampler,/percussion; Marcelo Radulovich - bass/guitar/electronics/radio/vocals; Jason Robinson - woodwinds with George Lewis - trombone; Le Quan Ninh - percussion; Mike Keneally - guitar; Ellen Weller - woodwinds

No Stars Please is a collection of live concert recordings featuring a capricious roster of performers, including collective members Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Damon Holzborn, Nathan Hubbard, Robert Montoya, Marcelo Radulovich and Jason Robinson, with guest appearances by George Lewis, Le Quan Ninh, Mike Keneally and Ellen Weller.

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" the heart of everythingdone for Trummerflora is the notion of original sound composition and discoveringmusic that has never been done before -- even if the players are forced to looka little strange doing it."
- Angela Ashman, San Diego Union-Tribune

" can rest assuredthat soon enough you will find yourself in the midst of an essential part ofthe local arts community when participating in any of the many activities of San Diego's newest proprieter of, well... new music."
- Chris Williams, San Diego New Music

"... if you like improvisedmusic, free-jazz or noise art, and like your musical boundaries challenged,this is...for you."
- Bart Mendoza, San Diego Union-Tribune

"When not committing additional subversive acts, the members of Trummerflora can be found at random locales around San Diego and points beyond aiding and abetting others with experimental music."
- Dylan Roberts,

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