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Marcelo Radulovich

CAT.#: ALP029

Radulovich's latest production, HELLO, showcases audio, visuals, literature, live performance, and introduces the legend of TITICACAMAN: Instrument maker, ignorant scientist. Composed of looped voice and samples, ruled by infectious essence shrouded in mystery, HELLO is uplifting and one of a kind.

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Track Listing and Audio Clips

Ziplock Tub
Extract Hell out of O
Cante Marito
Rice & Beans
Version 1158

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"In a word: fascinating."
- Steven Loewy, All Music Guide

"What it sounds like is a highly hallucinatory, constantly shifting sound collage of noise, found sounds, instrumental and vocal improvisations, percussion, turntables, and more."
- George Parsons, Dream Magazine

"Radulovich throws in everything but the kitchen sink and ends up with a surprisingly approachable form of free expression....One way to tackle all this strange cacophony is simply to let the sounds wash over you unabated. The swarming mass of tonal centers comes together in a gigantic collaboration of industrial-strength sound, whereupon it all begins to make sense. Radulovich is on a psychedelic fantasy trip on Hello, and the ride can be thrilling or unnerving depending on your tolerance for newness."
- Frank Rubolino, One Final Note

"This is superb audio crunch work. Recommended for those who enjoy deep, dark, and in-your-face."
- wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

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