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eric glick rieman
"ten to the googolplex"

CAT. #: ALP021

Eric Glick Rieman - modified extended prepared rhodes and harmonizer

Berkeley mu;ti-imstrumentalist and composer Eric Glick Rieman presents four new solo improvisations performed on his extended prepared rhodes: "I modified a Rhodes electric piano by installing two extended sound boards which house vertical tuned zinc rods. These can be played by bowing or striking. I also prepare the inside of the Rhodes, which is left exposed so I can play the tines and resonaters. I play the insides with my hands, with files, with mallets, with rocks and chains, and occasionally with the keyboard."

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"It's funny how art follows extinction for so many electronic instruments of the 20th century... scratching vinyl becomes the axe du jour once digital audio becomes the reproduction norm, analog synthesis becomes the rage for a generation swimming in digital seas -- eric glick rieman's explorations of the venerable rhodes electric piano is part and parcel of the same pattern. no "quiet storm" here ...the tines sprout tentacles, sounding a forest of inharmonicity."
- Chris Brown, Assoc. Prof. of Music and Co-Director, Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) Mills College

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