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A Documentary Film by Hans Fjellestad
"Frontier Life"

CAT. #: AVD001

"Tijuana has more to do with science fiction novels than history books about Mexico." - Torolab

If necessity is the mother of invention, then Tijuana is where she gave birth and raised her kid! FRONTIER LIFE digs into this strangely inventive city for stories of car worship, street racing, water flow, emergency architecture and a vibrant electronic music scene.

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83 minutes - NTSC - Color - Stereo - 16:9
Subtitles in English & Español

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"A quick-paced, smartly edited doc that boasts an innovative score."
- Filmmaker Magazine

"Looking past the stereotypical city of vice, Fjellestad negotiates the chaos to reveal a heart in the infrastructure and subcultures of Tijuana."
- Tokion

"The latest and greatest in documentary filmmaking. Tijuana's seamy underbelly is exposed clinically, unflinchingly, as if it were the Byzantine Empire."
- Resonance Magazine

"Fjellestad has created a documentary that brings to light the urban and artistic realities of contemporary Tijuana."
- San Diego Union-Tribune

"Frontier Life opens up a whole new field of exploration for lovers of electronic music."
- Time Out New York

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