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Barefoot Hockey Goalie
"Darius: A Rock Opera"

CAT.#: ALP005

The debut CD from Barefoot Hockey Goalie, a four-piece rock band from San Diego, quickly gathered attention on the West Coast with the hockey rock opera 'Darius' as well as other socially poignant and topical songs.

The opera, in seven movements, is about the rise and fall of Darius, the barefoot hockey goalie. From 70s rock to punk to cabaret, the versatile BHG skates through them all rather tastefully and with tongue in cheek. Other 'selected short stories' range from the classic rock of Sugar Mama, the coming-of-age tenderness of Ryan At 16, the romantic balladry of U-Haul Dreaming to the sing-a-long parody of Enema Karaoke.

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""This is the oddest album of 1995, hands down."
- Larry Kaye, Carbon 14

"Not since the Who's "Tommy," has there been a rock opera worth listening to. Not until Barefoot Hockey Goalie's Darius: A Rock Opera, that is."
- Jennifer Habel, Snackcakes

"How many bands have the guts, much less the musical ability, to create a rock opera as musically adventurous and as emotionally gripping..."
- Playbill/Beach & Bay Press

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