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Wormhole Effect
"The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer"

CAT. #: ALP013

Burnett Anderson - trumpet, percussion
Marcos Fernandes - percussion, synth, tapes
Mark hunton - percussion
Robert Montoya - percussion
Marcelo Radulovich - bass, percussion, tapes, samples
Don Story - guitar

Wormhole Effect presents The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer, a special limited edition release that is both an entertaining and educational account, in two parts, of their explorations into the nature of space/time. From ancient trance rituals to current astrophysical reasearch, through countless experiments and exercises using rhythms, mind-altering substances and science, humans have attempted to better understand and manipulate space and time. "Where do we come from? Which came first? The pollo or the egg?" asked The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer. This is their story. Includes two bonus live tracks.

Track Listing and Audio Clips

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"...globally informed improv..."
- David R. Stampone, San Diego Sidewalk

"...genre-jumps from the subtly tweaked worldbeat of Muzlingauze over to a fullblown Miles Davis-like evil-live jazz. Stretching those tribal vortexes...the WE collective probe the extra-global perimeter with zero-gravity interstellar moodiness."
- Chris Woo, Titanium Expose

"A fantastical listening experience."
- Abel Ashes, musician

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