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Burning Bridges
"From Benny's Tiki Room and Ammo Dump"

CAT.#: ALP002

Burning Bridges 1992 album, From Benny's Tiki Room and Ammo Dump, was named a CMJ Jackpot!, landed them on the cover of Billboard, and has been released in Europe by the German label Hermann's.

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"...Burning Bridges' music doesn't get too hung up in trying to stiffly replicate Afropop grooves, insread relying on innate musicality to loosely but effectively convey the same feelings as juju guitar or heady polyrhythmic percussion sections."
- James Lien, CMJ Jackpot!

"Burning Bridges deliver ample doses of political correctness in their well-crafted lyrics as well as in ambitious planetary musical explorations."
-Tom Cheyney, LA Weekly

"They blend together elements of African, Carribean and Middle Eastern music into a thick, polyrhythmic paste, which they then spread across a bed of funky, decidedly American rhythm 'n' blues."
- San Diego Magazine

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