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Axis Trio

CAT. #: ALP049

Amino Belyamani - piano
Sam Minaie - bass
Qasim Naqvi - percussion

Axis Trio consists of pianist Amino Belyamani, bassist Sam Minaie and percussionist Qasim Naqvi. As a purely acoustic ensemble in nature, their second release titled Anthem is a foyer into the world of electro acoustic composition in which the lines between the synthesized and the organic are blurred, flipped around and reassembled. The result is a terse interplay of jagged digital forms, embedded within a lushly composed suite of pieces created by the group's pianist Amino Belyamani. Broken beats, blips and a seemingly endless flora of digital timbres lay within the core of Axis's deep interplay as a trio of improvisers. After repeated listening, one can sense a beautiful unawareness of what the real and unreal are. The crash of a cymbal, a granulated scream soaring overhead, a bass bowing below an electrical stream, and the drums being absorbed and reconstituted piece by piece. Anthem is a beautiful commentary on the new face of instrumental music as it becomes absorbed and re-assimilated into the virtual domain.

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"...a dramatic combination of Kid A-esque blips and sighs, romantic piano, crashing percussion and funky hyper bass -- a memorable and successful blend."
- Alana Harper, WNYC

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