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Hans Fjellestad

CAT. #: ALP032

"33" is the new piano-oriented project by maverick musician, artist and filmmaker Hans Fjellestad.

Fjellestad's relationship with the piano began in 1973, at age 5. In this new collection of 13 tracks he attacks the instrument, inside and out, with bows, plectra, slides, loose change, electronics, fists, fingers, megaphone, computer and whatever was handy, accompanied by synthesizers, accordion, sampler and field recordings from across the globe. "33" is no shuttle service to the expected solo piano spaces. This is an exploration of uncharted textures and strange tangents that often venture far from the piano keyboard into fantastical electronic soundscapes, but eventually always returning to the black and whites, hammers and strings, the source.

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"This is an exciting album - it takes the concept of a solo piano album and runs rings around it."
- Jeremy Keens, Ampersand Etcetera

"If there's a thread that runs through 33, it's one of tenacity and exploration... and there's an impressive level of risk-taking going on here. 33 is fascinating and full of energy..."
- Jonathan Dale, Grooves

"There's heaps of fascinating sonic jetsam in Fjellestad's little resonance-boxes, rewarding listening over and over again."
- Tom Djll, Signal to Noise

"...unfolds like cinema for the ear."
- Fran¨ois Couture, All-Music Guid

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