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Marcelo Radulovich
"2 Brains"

CAT.#: ALP017

Produced/composed/compiled by Marcelo Radulovich.

Marcelo Radulovich's third album, '2 Brains', is a special two CD set. The first disc contains studio recordings of pieces composed, arranged and often all performed by the artist. The second disc is a collection of sound art pieces constructed from field recordings made by the artist over the past several years. Like his self-titled debut CD, 'Marcelo Radulovich' (ALP003, 1994), which received airplay on over a hundred priority college stations, and its follow-up, To Lilliput & Back volume one (ALP007, 1996), which garnered much critical acclaim, this new work -- a great deal of it recorded in Holland where he lived and collaborated with various artists --showcases Marcelo Radulovich's multi-instrumental, multi-faceted and multicultural approach to music or more precisely, manipulation of sound.

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Track Listing and Audio Clips

Disc 1

Hatch 2
Box 14
7 Headless Horsepeople
Dos Cerebros 2
Box 131
Ute the Seductress
Do the Deed
Alpha & Beta Particles
An Isomorphism
The Tethered
La Résurrection
Hatch 1
Took Out Machine

Disc 2

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3

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"...a wonderful noisey, complex demented album brimming with ideas..."
- Jeremy Keens, Ampersand Etcetera

"Una de las grandes obras musicales de esta década."
- Carlos Jauregui, Margen

"Wonderful stuff!"
- John Zorn

"... the world would be FAR better for, or better with or by or...whatever the preposition...'twould be leaps and bounds better if this stuff got PLAYED IN PUBLIC PLACES... "
- Richard Meltzer, SD Reader

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