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Wormhole began in 1994 as an improvisational vehicle for the duo of percussionists Marcos Fernandes and Robert Montoya. More than a decade later, after numerous reincarnations, Wormhole continues its mission of creating globally-informed experimental music.

Wormhole first recorded three tracks that appear on Trummerflora (1995 Accretions), a compilation of experimental groups. As Wormhole Effect, the group released their eponymous debut CD (1997 Accretions) and the follow-up The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer (1998 Accretions). They collaborated on various dance projects in San Diego during 1999-2000, contributing music to Continuums: one, a Tommy Award-winning performance art piece and soundtrack (1999 Frequency Merge), and performing as residents at Project Cathedral, a monthly ambient multi-media performance installation.With the Wormhole Brothers, Fernandes and Montoya explored the world of electronica, performing in various settings, collaborating with members of the Nortec Collective, and contributing a track to Track Whore Volume 2 (2001 Panhandler).

Armed with an arsenal of percussive and electronic source material, Marcos Fernandes, Nathan Hubbard and Robert Montoya join forces in 2002 to explore structured and open improvisation and soundart, and produced a piece for Trummerflora's Rubble 1 compilation (2004 Accretions/Circumvention). 2003 saw the addition of Ellen Weller on woodwinds and the return of Burnett Anderson on trumpet, and the beginning of Wormhole's collaborations with Barcelona-based spoken word artist Roger Aplon. Toni Pope on voice and Farhad Bahrami on tar joined the group in 2006 and 2007 respectively, and Wormhole continued to perform regularly intil 2008 when Fernandes relocated to Yokohama, Japan.

In 2009, Fernandes enlisted pianist Yoko Arai, reedist Michio Karimata and shamisen player and vocalist Yumiko Tanaka to reform Wormhole. Bassist Pearl Alexander and percussionist Hiroshi Shimizu augmented the line-up in 2010. Guitarist Kawol Samarkand and oboist Tomoca Hirota joined the crew in 2011.


Pearl Alexander - contrabass
Burnett Anderson - trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion (1997-2008)
Farhad Bahrami - tar (2007-2008)
Yoko Arai - piano, voice
Marcos Fernandes - percussion, electronics
Tomoca Hirota - oboe
Nathan Hubbard - percussion, electronics (2002-2008)
Mark Hunton - percussion (1995-1998)
Dan Jacobson - percussion (1996-1997)
Michio Karimata - woodwinds, voice
Robert Montoya - electronics, percussion (1994-2008)
Toni Pope - voice, bells (2006-2008)
Marcelo Radulovich - bass, vocals, percussion (1995-2001)
Travis Ryan - electronics (1999)
Kawol Samarkand - guitar, vopice
Hiroshi Shimizu - percussion
Don Story - guitars, electronics (1996-2001)
Yumiko Tanaka - shamisen, voice
Ellen Weller - woodwinds (2003-2008)


Roger Aplon - spoken word
Sara Austin - spoken word
Sandip Burman - tablas
David Gould - percussion
Mizuki Misumi - spoken word
Carolyn Tyler - cello
Chris Vannoy - spoken word
Andrew Vereen - mbira
Xe9rev - turnttables, electronics
Ren Yashio - spoken word


Trummerflora: Rubble 1
CAT. #: A/C-201
A compilation featuring works by various members and ensembles of the Trummerflora Collective.

Wormhole Effect: The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer
CAT. #: ALP013
Wormhole Effect presents The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer, a special limited edition release that is both an entertaining and educational account, in two parts, of their explorations into the nature of space/time.

Wormhole Effect: Wormhole Effect
CAT. #: ALP010
Wormhole Effect is the self-titled debut CD from this percussion-based experimental group. The 14 song disc offers a mixture of improvised and composed pieces that range in style from ambient to rock to trance to jazz.

Various Artists: Trummerflora
CAT. #: ALP004
A CD compilation of four San Diego-based experimental groups: Z. O. Voider, Ultra 7, Wormhole & Dodecaphonic. Produced by Marcos Fernandes and Marcelo Radulovich.

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"...globally informed improv..."
- San Diego Sidewalk

" interstellar anthem..."
- Option

"...extra-terrestrial gamelan..."

"...manages to create a rhythm that envelops listeners and transports them to exotic locations, without a passport."
- Tami Rapozo, San Diego Union Tribune

"...the improvisational sounds...make mincemeat of the studio-honed ear candy we're so used to hearing."
- The San Diego Review

"...popping across the earth and beyond...San Diego trance-groove band Wormhole Effect came on like a drum circle from the Twilight Zone."
- Sam Hurwitt, East Bay Expres

"...if you close your eyes and listen, it's easy to imagine that you're deep in the bowels of some undiscovered culture. And maybe you are."
- Julene Snyder, San Diego Reader

"...boldly explores uncharted territory where the tribal meets the industrial."
- Jim James, Crescendo

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