Accretions is an artist-based independent music label with an ear towards experimental, improvisational and global sounds.

Accretions was first conceived in 1985 as an arts and culture magazine, which quickly turned to music with a flexi-disc EP insert by worldbeat outfit, Guam Caucus. A year later, Accretions officially launched as a record label with the release of a 7" single by Burning Bridges.

Now, three decades and over 50 releases later, our roster includes many of the most adventurous, grooviest, genre-bendingest players and sound artists around. If there's a single thread running through our catalog, it would have to be something like exploration. We've tried to create a place where artists can feel free to take some serious risks, and where their tastiest experiments can be served to the eager listener.

The lumbering music industry at large may be bumbling and sputtering along, but from where we stand, things look mighty fine indeed. There just doesn't seem to be any shortage of innovative, creative and interesting music being produced all over the planet. And definitely no shortage of listeners hungry for new sounds. So we'll keep growing and cultivating our little garden here, and you be sure and check in from time to time because there's plenty more to come.


Demo Policy: We appreciate your interest. However, we do not accept unsolicited materials nor can we check out websites and sound files.

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